Felt roof

Felt Roofing is laid by rolling out the individual layers while heating them with a propane gas torch until they melt into each other and become one. This process means that no air or moisture vapour can become trapped within the layers, which would be the cause of blisters and bubbles in the future. Using three built up layers of felt, all edging is made with green, grey or brown torch on mineral felt.

Maintenance of Felt Roofing

Regular maintenance is essential for cost effective property management. Flat roofs are no exception since they are so fundamental to the protection of your property and consequently its value. Roofing system manufacturers recommend that your roof is regularly inspected to check for damage not covered by any guarantees. If neglected, as with any aspects of your property, flat roofs can fail, resulting in serious damage to roofing insulation and the structure of the property. Maintenance should be planned to prevent costly, no-budgeted bills. Nature, the elements and our industrialised society place tough demands on flat roofs.

Fibreglass flat Roofing

The ultimate system for flat roofing Polimar Liquid Roofing (known as GRP Fibreglass Roofing) is far superior when it comes to traditional GRP Fibreglass it looks the same but has far more benefits as it stays highly flexible throughout its life span unlike traditional GRP Fibreglass, offering a 10 – 20 year warranty direct from one of the biggest waterproofing manufactures in the world IKO waterproofing.

Flat roof repairs

DVC Roofing supply all of the materials, tools, fixings and accessories required for covering, securing, sealing and finishing your flat roofing. We provide a really durable professional solution. DVC Roofing offer a full range of proven products for your home including GRP Fibreglass Roofing / Liquid Roofing, Firestone EPDM Rubber Roofing and Felt Roofing. We provide everything needed to finish the job to the highest standard.

As a member of the NFRC we offer (QANW) Warranties. This insurance scheme is underwritten by Guarantee Protection Insurance Ltd, a UK based insurer, with over 10 years of experience in the building & home improvement industry. The insurer is duly authorized and regulated in the UK and subscribes to the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme meaning that eligible policyholders benefit from statutory rights of financial recourse.